Frequently Asked Questions

Below please find a sample of the most frequently asked questions regarding our Social Media Services. If you cannot find an answer to your question please feel free to contact us with any questions.

Q:  Is a long term contract required?
A:   No. We only require a 3 month contract. You can cancel your account with a 30 day notice prior to the end of your contract.

Q:  How can I pay for my services?
A:   We accept payments through PayPal and credit cards.

Q:  How often do I meet with my account manager?
A:   Monthly. We will setup a monthly AM meeting to review your SM program and strategy

Q:  What happens in the meeting with my account manager?
A:   Your account manager is your main point of contact. He or she will work with you to design your social media accounts, design the content and determine how often your marketing messages will be published.

Q:  How many different sites do you monitor?
A:   Social Media Guardian scours the Internet for mentions of your brand and products. We search millions of sites including the most popular such as Twitter, Facebook, News sites, blogs, review sites etc. However, we never rest looking for additional sites.

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